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May 4th, 2015

SoundRZN Is One Of The BEST Graphic Designing Companies!

I have to say as a musician, i do a lot of “Do it yourself” projects. From being photographer, producer, engineer, publicist,…. graphic artist. I’m really good in the music department, but there comes a point when you have to be honest and say, “I have to step my game up in a certain department, and my talents won’t take me there alone”. Graphic art was that area. So in my quest of finding a great graphic artist, I finally found a graphic design company that I will always utilize. SoundRZN !!!

They can take my vision and get the job done. And even when I don’t have a vision for what I want, they come up with a direction that stays true to me as an artist, and pushes creative boundaries. SoundRZN responds quickly, and they have a fast turnaround time, especially for my last minute needs. They most recently completed my EPK for me. I’ve put those images below. But they’ve also done my flyers, event programs, logos, posters…..etc. Prices are reasonable and I love working with them. “Tim” is my go to guy from SoundRZN. Check out their website for way more examples of their work! http://soundrzn.com or email them today at soundrzn@gmail.com






Ingrid Woode Live Poster 4X6

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