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October 9th, 2015

“Going LiVe In FiVe” It’s Been ONE YEAR: Good…Bad…In Between!

October 2015 marks the 1 year anniversary of when “Going LiVe In FiVe” was released. To many, it may seem like “okay, congrats”, but for some of us, to have an idea turn into something tangible, we know that everything in between has a very high chance to make it damn near impossible to finish anything, let alone even get started.

To be transparent, I invested just under $20,000 of my own money on everything from recording costs, plane tickets, housing arrangements for band mates, album packaging, manufacturing, videography, graphics, radio drops, renting out a theater for the release, backline, rehearsals in Atlanta,….. I could go on and on, but you get the point. During the recording studio dress rehearsal, I broke down into the full on ugly cry as I was trying to tell the band how much I appreciated them….! Some of it was from feeling grateful that things were starting to come together, but a lot of it was the PRESSURE! The financial pressure, the pressure of not wanting to let anyone down, the pressure of leading a group of individuals for a vision that came through me, the pressure of wanting this project to be successful.

But what I have learned over the last year, are things honestly….. I needed to learn. And that’s to not get too high from the high moments, and not too low from the lows. From the boxes and boxes of “Going LiVe In FiVe” CD/DVD’s that I’m looking at as I type this, I think more people streamed the project for FREE rather than purchase. For every show me and the #WoodeTribeOrchestra do, for me, financially I am always in the red after every show as I invest way more money in promo materials (flyer designs, flyers, posters), rental & travel expenses for out-of-town shows, my rehearsal studio rent & utilities, than I receive after we split the gig money.

I was nominated for an entertainment award, the project itself got a GREAT review in digital and physical publications. I LOVE the time I get to spend with everyone in the band, how our dynamic has grown, the new members that get added to the crew. It’s funny to me how I get so nervous before I step foot on stage every time, so much so, that I physically FEEL it….. but I ignore my fears each time to share God’s gifts with people. I love that every live show,no matter how big or small, is not the same every time. I’ve had a lot of fun with the online concerts I’ve done thus far. This journey is so much about ignoring fears, preparing as best as possible, yet still knowing that all hell can break loose and usually does, but the show must go on, the gift must still be shared, the investment has to be made, because someone NEEDS this music.
My best friends, Bryon & Robin, and my sister Lauren became a more structured part of my business team. Even to the point where we started to set aside time every week for strategy meetings.

I am soooooooooooooo proud of this body of work! I am proud of The Woode Tribe Orchestra for the work and sacrifices we’ve made. Thank you to my big brother, Robert “Big Brizz” Brisbane, for Mixing & Mastering this project. When I first met you in the studio 6 years ago, in a room full of millionaire Grammy Winning Artists and producers, you didn’t overlook me, and you kept your word. I am thankful to everyone who has supported this project in any way! “Going LiVe In FiVe” is available here https://ingridwoode.bandcamp.com/album/going-live-in-five-with-ingrid-woode-the-woode-tribe-orchestra

On this Project:
ingrid Woode – Songweriter/Producer/Vocals/keys
Kigwana Cherry – Bass
Gary Langford – Guitar
Jonathan Mango – Drums
Antoine Franklin – Organ/Keys
Glenn Person – Keys
Stephanie Ivery – Vocals
Vel Shaw – Vocals
Lynne Moon – Vocals
Aliethia Evans – Vocals
Stachiea Clark – Vocals

Robert “Big Brizz” Brisbane – Mixing/Mastering Sound Engineer

Eric Meister – Videography/ Photographer

Kerri Conover – Product/Graphic Layout/Photography

SoundRZN – All Graphic Art for Flyers, Promo, Logos, Event Programs

Saadia Solomon Mingo – Makeup Artist for every event, and album promo shots


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